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How to Make Order
TRYME JEWELRY / 2014-04-02
1.   Email us your order details:
Kindly please download our ORDER FORM, then fill in ITEM NO and QUANTITY you requested and email us the excel file(Email Address: cntryme@gmail.com).
2. Place an order online directly
Order Process:
Step1: Create an Account/Registration
If you haven’t opened any account in our website, please click JOIN FREE button in the upper of our home page to register in our website and create a new account. Make sure to fill your information in the form as detailed as possible.
Which should be paid special attention is your contact information, Such as email address, Phone number, sending Address, this will be ensure smooth communication between us and placed order successfully.
Step 2: Sign In
After registration, you can click SIGN IN button with your username and password, and enter into your individual operation window.
If you forget the username and password, you can contact with our sales representative to recover them.
Step 3: Place an Order
After Login in, you can start to pick up items among all the fashion accessories on our website.
Click 'ADD TO CART' button alongside the item’s photo, fill the quantity you are going to order with it in the blank below.
Then the item will be added to your shopping cart.
Repeat this operation with all interested items till you finish your order.
If there are some items that draw your attention, but you couldn’t make decision to buy them at the moment, you can click the "FAVORITE" button to put them into the “products collection”
Step 4: Checkout Orders
When you add enough items to meet our minimum order amount requirement in your cart, go ahead to form it by clicking the ‘CHECKOUT’ button.
Then fill in the delivery address, select payment method and delivery way.
Finally, confirm it be a valid order.
We will contact you within 24h(Working Day) about the order by emails or phone calls.
Delivery Information
Please provide a detailed delivery address including phone Number.
(If they are different from the account holder’s contact information)
Step 5: Payment
Upon receiving an email from us containing your order information, please confirm the order with us by your return email. Then we will send you payment information.
If you don't receive any reply from us for over 3 days after placing the order, kindly please contact us by “CONTACT US" information listed in our website.
Step 6: Delivery of items
After receiving your payment, we will start to pick up your items in warehouse.
This process usually takes 1-3 days, then we will send out the parcel by express ASAP.
The tracking number will be emailed to you after the parcel is delivered.
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